Luke 15 House - Serving the Community Since 1992

Helping Men Transition into the Community

Luke 15 House ministers to men with addictions - often with multiple addictions. Inspired by God's unconditional love, we help our residents heal from the wounds of their past and help them re-construct their lives. We help them find meaning and purpose through self disclosure, awareness and positive re-enforcement.

Our alumni today have branched out into various walks of life. Some starting their own business, some working in trades, some have gone back to school to improve their employability and many go to work in the field of addiction where they can give back to those struggling in the clutches of darkness.

Addictions and crime - homelessness and poverty is the vicious cycle that plagues almost one in five households directly or indirectly in our city. We need to create a greater and more urgent awareness of the magnitude of the problem our children are being introduced to as early as middle school. We also want to raise the level of awareness of the integral part that Luke 15 House plays in providing a solution to the problem as well as working at prevention of the problem.

Luke 15 House is overseen by a board of directors, the Executive Director Nigel Vincent, staff, alumni and volunteers. For further information, please contact us.

Goals and Objectives

The Luke 15 House was founded in 1992. In an atmosphere of acceptance, love, and understanding, men who are in transition from a prison environment, or others who sincerely want a new start in life, are assisted in overcoming the obstacles that once held them back. For many of these men, their lives had been lost to alcohol abuse, drug addictions, and/or crime.

Luke 15 House was named from the 15th chapter of the Gospel of Luke. Therein are three stories: the lost sheep, the lost coin, and the lost person. In each story there is a pattern - loss, a finding, and celebration. At Luke 15 House, the same pattern is lived out time and again and great celebration takes place each time one of the residents is "found."

Our aim is to assist the residents in obtaining the necessary skills and tools required to become responsible and productive members of society. We foster personal growth and development through the application of Christian spiritual principles and values presented in a safe, respectful, and structured environment.

Philosophy and Approach

The basic philosophy at Luke 15 House is that all individuals are, and can learn to be, ultimately responsible for their own lives and their own decisions. To this end, the program facilitates the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual growth of residents so that they can become integrated into society as healthy, contributing citizens.

Our program is rooted in Christian restorative justice principles. Through Christian witness, learning gospel values by residing and participating in a Christian community, experiencing the healing effects of the 12 Step principles as a guide to daily living, personal spiritual growth, and the acquisition of new life skills, our residents gradually develop the stability necessary to attain and sustain a sober and productive lifestyle. The process of Christian transformation, from death to resurrection, is experienced.

Because we are a community house, responsibilities such as preparing meals, buying groceries, and doing chores are shared on a rotational basis. House rules reflect the goals and philosophy of the house and have, at their heart, the common good. New life skills are learned through the shared living experience and in our group workshop sessions.

Luke 15 House staff and volunteers model Christian Witness, moral values, and decision-making through the sharing of personal life experiences. Residents are encouraged to use initiative, creativity, and prudent choices as they move into gradual re-entry of the larger community, work opportunities, and independent living. The departing resident will be either employed, actively seeking work, attending school, or following a focused direction regarding future life plans. Former residents are encouraged to continue their participation in the community of Luke 15 by attending a weekly "in-house" dinner and Bible study as well as other organized functions open to volunteers. This creates and sustains our on-going "Circle of Friends." We do it together. It is a gathering of two or three in Christ's name for new and past residents.

Luke 15 House Society

Luke 15 House is a Registered Charity under Chapter 433 of the Society Act of British Columbia.

Residency Agreement

Upon intake, residents are required to sign a formal Residency Agreement. Included therein are mutually contracted commitments to the standards of Personal Conduct, Restrictions, House Rules and Regulations, and other criteria relating to Guests and Visitors, Liability, Funding and Refunds, Client Complaints, and Special Conditions.

Also included is a detailed outline of our structured Program which incorporates six Levels of progression. Our "core" component lasts for a period of four months, involving four Levels and sixteen life-skills workshops of varying duration. The latter two Levels are optional and voluntary. While thecontractual commitments must continue to be adhered to, this is a period in which the resident is encouraged to seek work, be working, or attend school. It offers an opportunity of transition and integration into society while affording a safe "home" environment.

Twelve Step Program

At Luke 15 House we utilize "The Twelve Steps - A Spiritual Journey" as our guide to healing. A central theme and assumption of this guide is that healing is possible and that adopting the Twelve Steps as a way of living helps us to reclaim our birthright as children of a compassionate God. This aspect of our program is intended to awaken our residents to God's grace and to instil in them an opportunity to experience peaceful and productive living. It is a personal journey towards an understanding of the spiritual power of the Twelve Steps from a Christian perspective.

Structured Program

Upon formal intake, each resident is required to immediately commence a process of daily journaling and a personal Early Recovery Inventory evaluation which must be maintained throughout the "core" period. Twelve Step work and structured group life-skill activities are commenced concurrently and run in parallel for sixteen weeks. Upon completion, the resident will have successfully attained Level Four status and completed his "contractual" undertaking.


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