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12 Steps to Recovery

Luke 15 House

At Luke 15 House we utilize "The Twelve Steps - A Spiritual Journey" as our guide to healing. A central theme and assumption of this guide is that healing is possible and that adopting the Twelve Steps as a way of living helps us to reclaim our birthright as children of a compassionate God.

This aspect of our program is intended to awaken our residents to God's grace and to instil in them an opportunity to experience peaceful and productive living. It is a personal journey towards an understanding of the spiritual power of the Twelve Steps from a Christian perspective.

Structured Program

Upon formal intake, each resident is required to immediately commence a process of daily journaling and a personal Early Recovery Inventory evaluation which must be maintained throughout the "core" period. Twelve Step work and structured group life-skill activities are commenced concurrently and run in parallel for sixteen weeks. Upon completion, the resident will have successfully attained Level Four status and completed his "contractual" undertaking.




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